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Thread: Upper Kenai 10/16

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    Default Upper Kenai 10/16

    Hit the upper from sportsmans to Jim's. Started at 9am and had to be off the water by 1pm to catch a flight.

    Today was a day of "should have" beens. Right away lost a couple smaller rainbows on my new 6wt echo. Love the rod but it's twice as heavy as my 4wt. Sure bangs out the larger flesh flies well. So as soon as I stop being a wimp it will be sweet.

    Switched to my 4wt and 6mm mottled pink bead and landed a feisty fat 16 inch rainbow. So having the skunk off, I really wanted to see the new echo flex so I decided to toss some big leech patterns and ESLs.

    No love from the cohos so to give my arm a break, switched back to the 4wt with the 6mm bead and 6lbs tippet. Second cast my line screams up river even before I had a chance to set the hook and a huge coho comes out of the water. Looked to be in pretty decent shape. Line breaks without even tightening up on it. Must have had a nick.

    All I lost was the hook so retie and two casts later another silver explodes on top of the water. This one screams around for 10 seconds and I break it off again. Argh. I'm better than that with light line.

    Not sure if I lined them or what but I can't see why they would ignore larger flies and seem like hammer 6mm beads.

    Still have not seen a dolly in 4 trips. Rainbows, whitefish, and now cohos. But no char...hmmmm.

    I have short video ready for the one bow I landed for those who might be interested in water level and color. Water was low and very green. Not dirty but visibility seemed down. Would the spike in the snow river levels do this?

    I will upload once I get to Seattle. Editing video and posting on forums from 30,000 feet. Who would have thought it possible even 10 or 20 years ago.

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    I need to carry extra batteries again. Didn't have the cohos on long enough to start the video. So here's just one fish but for those that care, you can get an idea of water level and color.

    Well I tend to try and document both the good days and the bad days. Helps when I look back historically and also things like water levels. I need to start adding that detail into the videos as well.

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    Here's the recent snow river gauge near Seward. Is this the River that flows into Kenai Lake? Does it affect turbidity downstream of Kenai Lake?

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    Yup, Snow River and Trail River are the culprits of Kenai River turbidity.
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    Not discounting the possibility of "lining" them, but I found many years ago that using small to very small offerings for coho that have been in fresh water for fair bit of time, more readily take the "bait". Of all species of salmon I have fished and had opportunity to see while fishing, the coho are far and away the most agressive the longer they are in fresh water.

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    Thx both of you for the info. Interesting stuff. I know that even though I may originate the post, I think I get way more good info back then I give. Thanks again!


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