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Thread: Crows Pass?

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    Default Crows Pass?

    I am new to hunting, just started this season; but I am really enjoying it. A friend told me that they ran crows pass a few weeks ago and saw a ton of ptarmigan. Have looked around on the internet, and in the regs book, and have not found anything saying wether or not you can hunt around there. Any info would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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    Offhand, I don't think that area is open to small game hunting. You can hunt black bears in there with a registration permit if you have a hunter ed card, but I'm fairly certain that it's not open to small game. Areas nearby that are open include Ship Creek, Indian Creek, Bird Creek, and Peter's Creek. The only part of Eagle River that is open (to my knowledge) is the portion of the south side of Eagle River covered by the archery black bear registration permit - can't recall the hunt number offhand.

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    I believe you can hunt small game from the Girdwood side.

    I was also wondering if small game hunting is permitted in Eagle River area RL450. I have the permit, but wasn't sure if it was restricted to area RL460, or is shotgun hunting for small game permitted in both?
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    pdf link to 14C

    It looks like crow creek is in the 'remander of 14C' area.

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    I have personally spoken with the Troopers about the Girdwood area. They say it is open area, or Chugach Park Management area which is open, too. Nothing motorized allowed, though.
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