Hi, New to the forum here. Just wanted to post some info on Hatcher Pass yesterday. Got there around 8 am, saw some Ptarmigen along side of the road on the way in, I so wanted to jump out and pop them right there! but they were in front of someones Driveway. So I went on up and parked next to river, and started walking the ATV Trail. I took my Ruger 10/22 (I love that gun) I get up about a tenth of a mile in and spot movement out of the corner of my Eye and notice the Grouse running under a low hanging pine tree, so I set up and made my shot. I of course miss I haven't been hunting for years but I manage to spook him up into a tree with a perfect view and took him down there. So I tied him off onto a lanyard and headed on down the trail, it seem like the terrain was changing and didn't look like there would be any birds so I headed on down to the creek and started my hike back kind of criss crossing between the hillside and the creek bed with the exception of some marsh land in between. There must be a ton of moose walking thru there because I saw moose scat every where along, with the tops of the bushes ate off. I did see a couple bear scat but they were pretty old, so I wasn't really to concern with bears, but I really didn't want to walk right into a moose. I get back into a spot where the creek splits and forms into a pool and started heading back up the hillside and spotted another grouse and got him on the ground. All in al it was a great day!