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    here is a Testimonial from a friend that recently bought a SeaArk 2472MV and Took her on Vacation to AK.
    The SeaArk Brand is Quality, I Prefer their boats to the Alweld, Specially when you look at the extrusions they use and the way the boat holds up when you bounce it over rocks & obstacles that come up.
    I've owned a 2472MV & a Predator
    I am dreaming of bringing my predator to AK one of these days.

    Here is the Testimonial:

    My brother and I just returned from an expedition of a lifetime up into The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northern Alaska. We were on the rivers for three weeks and covered over 750 miles in the SeaArk. We saw grizzlies, wolves, moose and hundreds of caribou. My brother took a very nice caribou and I shot a large wolf. (Too far up the creek to bring back a moose or more caribou.) We had good weather with only a little snow and rain and the rivers were higher than normal, lucky us!
    Anyway, just wanted too say thank you all for getting us squared away with our new boat. You guys made good on everything we talked about on the phone, and made this whole trip possible for us by doing everything in an expeditious manner. The "Ark" worked even better than we had hoped for. The tunnel hull no doubt kept us from ripping the foot off the jet countless times as we grounded out, overloaded, onto 12" cobbles. After using the tunnel hull I would never again consider buying an outboard riverboat without one. There are just no drawbacks.

    Anyways, I see many of you have questions of how these boats hold up.
    The Boats Are Some Of The Best On The Water.
    I personally wouldn't want anything else.

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    I'm glad everything work out. And thanks for posting.

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    Well, I can tell you I love my 2472. Took it along with two other guys just under 1200 miles on a Koyukuk hunt this year and while I don't have the tunnel (no doubt a nice to have) I can not be any happier. My boat performed like a top as long as I worked within my weight range (plus a few extra pounds. ) But just an awesome setup.
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    Tom, where are you from? I'm on my second Predator up here. I started with the 175 when they first came out, then upgraded to the 200 horse in '08. Got 11 more payment and she's all mine. Today I just put up a 10'X20' canopy to keep the snow out of it through winter.

    Got a few video's on Youtube with the Predator on it. You can do a search for 05RoushMarkLT and see them. I've run the rivers on the north side of the Brooks and have pulled out nearly 3500 pound loads with it. I also use mine on the Copper, Chena, and Tanana Rivers. Great family, cargo and fun boat to play around in.

    The bottom does take abuse on these small rivers, and expect a huge bill to fix it. My first one had enough damage that it started driving weird. The bottom had to be replaced due to all of the dents and dings. Never had a hole in one, just bumps and bruises, but the bill to repair was $6500. Make sure to have good insurance if you take the trip up here with your Predator.


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