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Thread: Your 45-70 bullet

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    Default Your 45-70 bullet

    So what 45-70 bullet do you use for your Alaskan hunting and what have you shot with it ?

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    Used to use the ABW Kodiak 405s, but they are spendy and tough to get at times. Shot deer, hogs and a bear with those and they worked great in each instance. Lately I have moved over to the 350gr Speer Magtip for my 45-70 needs, they won't fit through the Marlin 95 action when crimped in the cannelure but work wonderfully in my Win1886. I haven't used them on game yet but hope to remedy that in a couple weeks when I head to Kodiak. They are made for the 458WM so I think they will work well in a hotrod 45-70 situation. I'm driving them right at 2000fps from my 22" bbl and with the extra room they free up in the case more speed is possible, I just can't hold onto my rifle with any more powder behind them. I'll report back in November to let you know how they fare.


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