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Thread: Hudson bay with an 8hp performance ?

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    Default Hudson bay with an 8hp performance ?

    Anyone run a smaller outboard on there HB like an 8hp-10hp?
    I wonder how it would do on an a HB going on a river trip if you were just going with the current. I sold my HB and 20hp honda, but just bought another HB and will mostly use it going down river moose and bear hunting.I have a bigger aluminum fishing boat with a 8hp yamaha kicker on it.Just curious about the perforance that way I could just use the 8hp kicker when going on a river hunt instead of spending another $4000 on a 20hp honda.


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    I used an 8HP Honda 4 Stroke for several years before going to a twenty. Performance was surprisingly good but lacked some poop going upstream in heavy water. About 60% of the speed of the twenty.

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    I ran my HB with a 8 HP SS Yamaha 2 stroke TS light loaded was around 12 MPH 8 MPH heavy loaded a cruise. Had a lift and motor
    was light enough I could leave it on when trailering. Went to a 20 hp 4 stroke and it was a better boat for what I wanted with the
    exception of the lift. Speeds were from my GPS, I tried another prop and had same speed with the 8 HP.


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