Well guys March is winding down. The gromming funds are running low. But the Willow Trail Comm. was out this week working on a connection to the trails that are maintain by the Mid Valley Trail Asso. That trail is called the Deshka Crossover Trail. So now we have some maintain trails from Big Lake to above Trapper Lake! Now if everthing goes good (ie: everbody has current and on going registration including 4-wheelers) we might get a trail inerlinked all the way to Denali State Park. We had a meeting last night with the 4 groups and the Mat- SU Brough and AK. State Parks trying to put this together. Thing are looking good if we can get the funding!
Meanwhile we got 4" of new snow last night and it got up to 29 degrees today. We grommed some trails this week and riding should be awsome! Remember trail maps are avalable at local stores.
So from Winter Park Cabins get out and Ride!!!!
Please support your local Snowmachine Groups!