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Thread: Any luck near Hope, AK?

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    Default Any luck near Hope, AK?

    Hey, guys! New to the forum but so far it looks great. I've shot quite a few grouse the last few weeks out of Peter's Creek and Crescent Lake, and am heading down to Hope this weekend. Does anyone have a critter update for the area, and recommendations where to go? Thanks!

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    Every time i've been up Palmer Creek road i've seen someone hunting a dog, i'm guessing small game is pretty shot out on that road, I've never seen any birds up there, I've not actually looked for them too hard though.

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    Coming south go past the Hope Cut-off and take the next right. It is a powerline access road, walk the road, then walk the powerline.
    Wear Hip Boots, early in the morning is best for Grouse, they are on the trails and roads eating gravel. I think Palmer Creek road is closed, washout.


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