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Thread: hewescraft 22' ocean sport

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    Default hewescraft 22' ocean sport

    anyone own one or been on one -- it,s a nice looking boat , would like to hear from someone -- i would like the 22, soft top with twin 115 yamaha

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    Default hewes

    I have the Alaskan 26` with twin 115`s. Scoots nicely and is roomy, fishes well. I think you`ll learn to appreciate a hardtop and have a heater for the usual rainy days on the water. Lots of folks have and love them as they are VERY popular and of course come rigged and ready to roll. They also travel well on the hi-way if you want to enjoy different bodies of water.

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    I thinkn you'll find the 22' is limited to something less than 230 hp . . maybe 175 or so? That's a lot of weight (twin 115's) to be putting on the back of a 22' . . . my $.02.

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    Default Good boat for the money

    The hewescraft 22' searunner is hard to beat for the price. I had a 220 searunner with a Johnson 140 hp. Great for four people fishing but not much more than that. If you can afford go with the hard top, when the wind is blowing and the rain is coming down you will wish you had it. PLus it gives you more storage options. When I had a 20' soft top alumaweld I used to have to take the top down to drive down the highway because some of the snaps wore out, just a pain in the but, plus the vinyl windows don't hold up like glass windows.

    Twin 115s on a 20ft, never seen that before, would think a single 200 would be a much better idea.

    Have fun on the water with whatever you end up with.

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    thanks for the input ---more to think about


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