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    Hi i'm planning a moose hunt for 2013 and would like opinions on # of hunters in a camp. We have 4 guys planning on going and I didn't know if that was unreasonable to have that many hunters in one drop camp. Would that be impossible for a chance at that many moose in one place or is this doable? Also would we be better off to do a float hunt with this size of a group?

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    My guess is you'll appreciate the 3rd and 4th guy when you get that 60" Moose down 4-5 miles from the strip.

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    Depends. Personally I like no more than 3 people in a fixed position camp, 2 is better yet. The reason is moose densities are not that high so the more people the less moose per hunter.
    They only way I would hunt with 3 other hunters is if we had a mode of transportation ie a raft or boat. If you float a river you can send the first raft an hour or so ahead of the second raft or you can leap frog your way downstream. Then you can camp at the same location at night.

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    That is one hard way to hunt. If someone does not mind go home with an unfilled tag it is ok.
    Moose are big and you have to take care of that meat. I am sure that all would like to take a moose and a good one. Say on day two one member shots one, late in the day. Butcher and pack all night; tired bunch the next day. Decide not to hunt hard that day. Only seven days left to fill 3 tags. That is a hard task. You are better off with two camps.

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    I'd do a float hunt with 4 guys.

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    The big question is what unit are going to hunt in? I rent gear for unit 23 and 13 and in 23 the best moose hunts are float hunts. If you pull a tag for the Noatak or Selawik you can up your odds a bunch in a raft. 4 guys will need 2 rafts and count on bagging caribou as well. Keep in mind the fly out weight for who ever is your flight service. As a rule of thumb a 185 is a 700 pound aircraft and a 206 is 900 pounds.

    If Kotz is your choice shoot me a PM and I can get you all set up with rafts and camps.

    Good luck on your draw!

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    A moose hunting party of four is really great if YOU have a tired old lumbar section of lower backbone(s) like ME.
    A moose hunting party of four is really terrible if your definition of success is that MOST or ALL of you need to whach out a moose.

    While three of four moose can and have been harvested on hunts, and by forum members who will be reading this, it is just plain tough to find more than a legal moose or two here in the year 2000+.

    (And here on this public forum I would caution you about releasing much information concerning where your specific, secret moose pasture is at.)

    .....just my quick thoughts......AlaskaTrueAdventure

    Hey, what do ya think of them Dallas Cowboys?


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