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    Hello everybody. Well looks like my wife and I are going to finally get to move up this spring. I was born and raised up there, but been in the lower 48 the last 17 yrs. My wife has only been up once, but super excited. She has lived her entire life in the same town, Eugene Oregon. Our business looks like it sold and the new owners should take over after the first of the year and we'll come up about May. Just a couple of questions.

    I priced out using U-Haul and with gas and flying my best friend down from Anchorage to help with driving one on the rigs we're looking at about 7000-8000. I started pricing cargo trailers down here and can buy one cheaper than that. Whats it like selling a used trailer up there. I'm wodering if we could recoup 50-75% out the trailer cost. Thanks for any help and can't wait to be home.


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    Welcome back to Alaska, Mark. For your trailer, you won't have any trouble selling it up here. You can probably get nearly 100% of your money back. They sell for a premium. There are guys that buy trailer loads of trailers, and bring them up and pay for thier trip down. Good Luck!
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    Made the move 10 plus years ago brought a old uhaul truck and trailer sold the truck 2 days after it was put up for sale, sold to someone going south got what I had in it ,and the trailer sold for what I payed for it ,should have kept the trailer ,good toy hauler ,so keep that in minded when you come up


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