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Thread: Sportsman's to Jim's 10/7/2011

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    Default Sportsman's to Jim's 10/7/2011

    Second time ever on the Upper Kenai River. Last time I got skunked. This time I managed to hook 7 fish and landed 2. Nice chunky rainbows. The largest was probably around 20 inches. Took me over 6 minutes to land it on my 4wt. Most likely due to the fact that I rarely use a flyrod. So the fishing is probably pretty hot for those who know what they are doing. Considering its my second time on the Upper Kenai and I rarely use a flyrod for anything other than flipping reds and kings with straight mono, I think the results were decent.

    I threw everything I had and I got hits on a light pink 6mm bead and a mottled pink 8mm bead. I couldn't buy a hit on flesh flies. I still have not caught anything on them.

    It's enjoyable, and on a 4wt, the rainbows definitely battle. Might need to step up to a 6wt as casting more than 30 ft is tough. I'm still not convinced that this is better than fishing Kings! But considering it's mid October, this is a nice float with potential for decent fish. With my mini-x kayak that weighs 38 pounds, it's an easy trip to prepare for and get on the water. It certainly is a great fishery for when the Ocean is too rough for feeder kings.

    I used Wildman's shuttle last week and this week and it worked out perfectly. Going to hit it again tomorrow for a half day then i got to run back and put on a tux for the Mayor's Ball...waders and drysuits are so much more comfortable.....

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    Glad you had a great time and thanks for the report. Your enthusiasm about your trip reminds me of times I had before. Great job, and a tux doesn't always mean a bad time. Though I would rate it as such, at least 16 years till I have to put one on, though I hope she's smarter than than, and he has a boat......


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