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Thread: Action strength, Marlin or Winchester ?

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    Default Action strength, Marlin or Winchester ?

    So who has the real truth? Which one has the stronger action? The 1895 Marlin, 1886 or Mod. 71 Winchester? I like them all.

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    Turnbull has tested M71s to incredibly high pressures when the bolts have been fitted for maximum lockup. I don't know exactly how he does it but they have held together to pressures that will split a Marlin 95 in half. That is how a Marlin fails, they split lengthways having nothing to do with the lockup just the way they are engineered. That being said it is possible to load a Marlin to more than most people can handle with no problems. Winchesters main strength over Marlin is barrel shank diameter, and magazine tube placement.

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    Ether will handle hot/heavy ammo about the same, they are about a dead heat for overall toughness, each has good and bad to them. I love the new Jap made 71s though, they are extremely well made. Compare them to the current quality (or lack) of Marlins and the choice is quite simple for me even with the price difference. The older Marlins, even just a few years older, are of solid workmanship . . . lately they come out of the box a mess but can be righted. 71s come out of the box looking like a Lexis luxury car and working like a Makita power tool.

    Choice is yours though, Ford Chevy, both can do a fine job, both are very strong designs.
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