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Thread: Good article on Baranof goat population

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    Default Good article on Baranof goat population

    Take the time and make sure its a billie. It is every hunters responsibilty.
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    Great article - thanks for posting this. There are some great points in there concerning the value of targeting billies and the reproductive age of nannies. I often read of folks taking "old, dry nannies", but according to the biologists these older nannies are the most important ones to leave on the mountain.

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    When I lived on Baranof, most of the guys who I knew who went goat hunting just wanted a goat. They didn't care about sex or size. They wanted to kill a goat before they transferred out. (I was a coastie) Looks like that style of hunting is really hurting those goats on Baranof. I hope they recover that population and get the hunters educated.


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