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Thread: Closing 2011 Fall Brown Bear in Unit 4 early.

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    Default Closing 2011 Fall Brown Bear in Unit 4 early.

    I went down to the F&G office to see how the goat count was looking and found out that Baranof and Chichagof are now closed to Brown bear for the rest of this fall. Excessive Sows were taken and the spring harvest was very high. The guideline harvest for the unit is one bear away from being met. Admiralty has that one remaining bear.

    This is alot like nannys with goats. A difficult to distinguish species being closed early due to the harvest of the females.

    I've killed nannies and I once took a sow black bear. So I'm not knocking anyone. I think it's worth mentioning that we seek out those animals that preserve the long term huntability of a species.

    Now there are guides, clients, and residents out opportunity and money for bear and goats. Most Unit 4 guides had cancelled their goat hunts, and now fall bear.

    Spring 2012 bear will still happen. The slate will be cleaned and a new guideline harvest set.

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    Stupid! Like there is a shortage of bears there??

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    I saw they closed most of the west side for goats, was thinking about hitting some of my old spots this winter but I guess not. Hopefully the numbers come up so those areas get opened back up.


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