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Thread: Belugas in Ship Creek?

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    Exclamation Belugas in Ship Creek?

    While driving home from work last night, I crossed the C Street Bridge heading into downtown Anchorage and glanced down at Ship Creek. Noticed that the water was high and something was creating a huge swirl mid-stream near a pair of seagulls.

    Never saw what caused the wake, but figure it was probably a seal or sea lion. However, the more I replay the image in my mind and try to gage the magnitude of the disturbance in the way, I'm wondering whether it may have been caused by a beluga whale.

    Have these creatures ever been observed in Ship Creek?

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    I wouldn't expect them to swim through the culverts downstream of that, but I guess it would be possible. Stranger things have happened.

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    didn't they remove the culverts and add a bridge?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ironartist View Post
    didn't they remove the culverts and add a bridge?
    I think you're right. I was just picturing the old culverts when I thought about the area. Completely forgot about the new(er) bridge.

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