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Thread: Boat intruder alarm

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    Default Boat intruder alarm

    Anyone have a boat intruder alarm system,bought or home made,I can made one if I could come up with a switch that would feel movement of the boat when someone climbs onboard.I've seen one online that works when a back cover is opened but because of where the boat is stored I need something that will work by a timer so it will only alarm for a short time and then reset the alarm,motion detector I don't think will work because of wind,don't want false alarms,thanks.

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    Default 12 volt motion detector light

    When I chartered out of Illwaco, WA. I had a couple of fellows try to join me in the cuddy around midnight (had a trip the next day), they ran when I jacked a round into my 12ga. After that I put a 12 volt motion detector light (from boaters world) above the rear door and wired in a buzzer to it, could have used a horn, but that would get everybody in the marina up.
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