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Thread: New dog, and i gotta do it right!

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    Default New dog, and i gotta do it right!

    OK Everyone, I am new to owning a retriever (that I actually plan to hunt with) and I got myself a good dog (IMO). I searched for months and found a pup that is a mix of German Shorthair and Chesapeake. He has tons of energy and loves the water. He has the body of a shorthair and the coat of a Chesapeake so I believe he will be a great Alaskan dog. I have read a few books and asked all the rookie questions, but now I feel I need to ask for more input.

    So here is the question. What information, books, videos, and training facilities does everyone use up here in Alaska? He is good with basic commands (Sit, down, stay…) and loves to retrieve the bumpers, especially in the water. He has a soft bite but still likes to nibble the wings a bit when we are using them. I have shot around him a few times and he doesn’t seem to mind the gun, but most of the time I am by myself so I haven’t had a good chance to properly introduce him to the big booms of the duck gun.

    Saying that, if anyone has any input, advice, secrets, or other information they would like to share please let me know.

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    I'll be glad to work with you if you wish. I'll be more available once duck season comes to a close. A lot of my training group will start getting together then.


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