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    I'm thinking about loading some 375 gr. Bear Tooth bullets in my 416 Taylor. Anyone have any experience with these cast bullets in higher velocity, bottle necked cartridges.
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    In the book "dangerous game rifles" he says that cast bullets for these guns are great, as long as the veloicty is under about 1800 fps (if I remember right) he say in the book, is you are going to do reduced loads for these big guns, you fill the case to compacity with accurate 5744, then weight the charge and multiply by 45-60% and you have your load, a 300+ grain .416 bullet going at anything over 1500 fps will probly work great on the small stuff, and is almost certianly still generdting more ft/lbs than the average 06'. I followed his forumlal with my .416 rigby, and shooting it this afternoon the recoil was half what it normaly was. I used a 400gr hornady RN IB with loads at 45gr, 50gr and 60gr of accurate 5744. with 45gr's it was less recoil than either of the 300 win mags, or my 06'. I don't have any direct knowlage about the company you are refering to, but if you try them and they do good let me know as I would be intrested in them.

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    If you look on the Beartooth Bullets web site at his bullets that he makes, you will see a 335 grain 416 bullet. I had Marshall make this bullet(his first ever 416 bullet) for my little 416/350 Remington Magnum wildcat cartridge I made. This bullet was shot at velocities up to 2350 FPS without any leading problems. Never did get a chance to use it on game though.

    Also see if you can't find the book that was authored by Veral Smith on shooting cast bullets at jacketed bullet velocities. He is the innovator behing the LBT style bullets that Marshall sells at Beartooth Bullets.

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    Are they gas checked? If so higher velocities should be less problematic. Also I have found that my cast bullets shoot a lot cleaner out of a clean bore; makes a huge diffrence. Around 2200fps you're in starting to hit the realistic upper performance envelope of cast bullets. If you don't mind throttling loads back a you should be able to get these to perform well. Biggest issues in my mind are how hard are they and do they have gas checks.

    If you're shooting critters with these harder bullet alloys they don't expand as much as softer alloys. If there are the wrong sort of impurities in the alloy they can also be brittle and fragment instead of penetrating. I'm not sure how scientific my method is but I take a sledge and hammer the crap out of the bullet. Ideally you want it to hammer into a pancake (~2x caliber) without any shearing or fracturing, just ductile flow. I haven't tried shooting critters yet with so tested bullets but the logic sounds ok to me. Disregard if anyone can give you actually reports on performance.


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