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Thread: About Wiggy's Antarctic parka

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    Default About Wiggy's Antarctic parka

    Hello everybody,

    I am considering buying a Wiggy's Antarctic parka, but the problem is I know very little about it and cannot see it in person (since I live in Europe). That's why I would like to hear more information on this parka from the ones who know anything, or, even better, have used the item.

    What I would like to know is:

    1. What is the inner lining - supplex, fleece, smth else?
    2. Are outer cargo pockets lined with something, what with?
    3. Is hood big or small?
    4. Is fur ruff synthetic or natural, which species?
    5. How does this parka behave at 15 to -5 Fahrenheit? Is it possible to wear it with a thin shirt in these temperatures?
    6. How long is the parka? Will it extend to the middle of the thighs?
    7. How thick appoximately is the insulating layer in inches?
    8. Is the neck area tight or loose?

    That about covers my questions, however, if anyone has something interesting to tell aside from that, you are very welcome

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    If I can be of assistance, please contact me by PM or Email.



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