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Thread: Guide license fee increase!

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    Default Guide license fee increase!

    I just received a letter from the state of Alaska stating that guide licenses fees are almost doubling. There's an email address to comment on this. Maybe if enough of us complain they'll put it off for awhile. The comment period ends Oct 25 th.

    Here's the contact and email;

    Jun Maiquis


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    There has been a thread on this for a week now:

    It is proposed (not final).

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    Sorry about that, shoulda done a search first I guess.

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    It's not just guides that are getting hit. I have to be state certified for my business and they changed the fee structure over the last year which significantly increased the amount I owe to remain certified.

    Like Jake said in the other thread, they have you over the barrel. You have to pay to play. I'm sure there will be a lot of input from the guides saying the fee increase is too much, but it will probably go through regardless.


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