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Thread: New to Pred. need help

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    Default New to Pred. need help

    trying to bag a wolf or 2 this year.......where do i start and what do i need?
    any info on where and what times of day would be great too.

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    Default Hunting or Trapping?

    Well I suppose it all depends if your hunting or trapping? I don't trap, I perfer being out and hunting. My hunting partner and I have a FoxPro Predator Call which works great. A small caliber rifle as well would be a good start. I'm hoping to get a new .223 for Xmas. A hunting blind is used if we don't plan on moving very much but we scout a area and plan on moving 3-5 times and setting up call at each site with our twirling rabbit decoy as well. Waterproof white camo (insulated) or wearing thermals since you will be sitting a lot too with little movement. No-Fog bino's as well as scope. And last but very much not least is location location location! Most places in southcentral are pretty busy, plan on doing some traveling and staying the nite. I guess it depends on how much effort you are willing to put into it. Hope this little info helps. Pictures will be posted of my hunts later as the season will begin.
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    Something else to think about is scent. My experience with fox and lynx, they show up anywhere. All the coyotes and the one wolf I've called in have circled down wind. If you can, set up calling a side wind and watch for them in the down wind region. That's optimal but not always possible with your terrain. Also consider trying some scent free detergent/drying sheets or sprays and throw your clothes into stuff sacks until your hunt begins. Kind of like deer hunting... You don't have to go to that extent, your wind is most important for any K-9s... Good luck and let's see some photos!


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