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Thread: Any info from past floats on the Zitziana River

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    Cool Any info from past floats on the Zitziana River

    First time poster to this wonderful forum of alaska float hunting, and was trying to get some info on a river or two. The first river I am looking at is the Zitziana River. I am planning on flying out there, and wanting to know of water levels in mid to late September. Also would like to know water class and areas that are way to low to get a raft. This is the first of many rivers I am going to start threading on this forum this winter. My trip is going to be next year and want a couple back up plans in case the weather isnt going as we want it. thanks for all the info regarding this matter. If my PM doesnt work you can always email me at thanks

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    jojo, you might consider this river a "don't try." I dropped a group here a few years ago and it was a disaster. Too many felled sweepers and log jams to combat. We used wilderness lake to gain access, and the group made it, but barely. This is a seriously troubled river stretch for first timers. This group took a chainsaw and ran out of gas physically and mentally.

    Water levels won't matter because you'll be swamping logs and cutting your teeth on a hard-core stretch of real estate.



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