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    Default CAPT Nakagawa

    CAPTGordon Nakagaw USN, Great american, great shooter, passed away recently. see link above

    Interned in WWII by the government, he went on to fly 185 combat missions and was a POW in Vietnam.

    Great handgun coach, I learned much from his instruction. Lead USNA teams to many wins.

    He taught me to shoot at and hit earplugs with a daisy pellet pistol one handed, building my confidence as a pistol shooter.

    He was instrumental in reviving the NAVY FLT matches and providing Navy Trophy Rifles to shooters

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    Default RIP Capt. Nakagawa

    America needs more heros like Capt. Nakagawa! May he rest in peace and never be forgotten.

    And we need a news media that will report the loss of these heros rather that dwell on some POS from Hollywood.
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    Thanks for sharing that, Allen. It sounds like you were very lucky to have crossed paths and been coached by that man.

    Those A-6 pilots in Vietnam had a very dangerous mission. A former co worker flew A-6's, it sounded very hairy. He was a humble type and it was tough to drag a war story out of him.

    Your absolutely correct, tvfinak. It would be great if the news would focus more on real heroes instead of the losers who are on a life mission to draw attention to themselves!....Louis
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    Thanks for sharing that Allen...

    John USN Ret


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