Wanted to see if there were any laterns on the market that were brighter than our dual mantle Coleman we been using for years so purchased one of these to try:

Ordered it directly from Coleman. Price was right and shipping was only about $8 or so. We use a latern for light and as a heat source inside out vented Arctic Oven tent. The light output is significantly brighter than our dual mantle latern. The electronic start works perfectly. Only draw back is the disposable propane bottles but it also can hook up to a bulk tank. We connect to the tank outside the tent and use the bottles in the tent.

Wake up, reach over and press a button and turn the knob and instant heat and light. We only used two small propane bottles in 7 days and ran the latern every morning and for at least one hour every evening. No more pouring gas and pumping. Well worth the trouble of carrying a couple of propane bottles.