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Thread: 2011 Spring ReCap Video: Lake Trout Vomit

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    Default 2011 Spring ReCap Video: Lake Trout Vomit

    A short vid of me from back in April of this year. We are Gearing up for ice up soon and I figure I could use some motivation and wanted to share it. I still get so excited with every fish I catch I really do feel like I am going to vomit, its like a roller coaster ride for me. No emotion faked in this one...enjoy and I hope it motivates you like it does me.

    comments welcome as always bad or good....

    NOTE: check out the electronics in the adjacent hole, a must for fishing deep IMHO. This fish came up from about 80 feet and I would have missed it without the electronics.
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    This was a great day! I believe it was one of the last trips out..........Winter is coming and many new adventures are lurking around the corner.

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    That video got my blood pumping....

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    Disappointingly I looked into the ice fishing forums knowing winter was near...

    But videos like this are just the ticket for an attitude re-adjustment! Very nice! I look back at my fishing logs and we fish a few valley lakes as early as Oct 31 in past years. With global warming I think I maybe Nov 1, sounds just about right!

    Between sightfishing and electronics, "Ice fishing...the World's ULTIMATE video game!" Ok, so I haven't grown up completely...

    Lots to do before the ice but BRING IT ON!


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