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Thread: What did you do with it?

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    Default What did you do with it?

    Did you use all of your moose or other animals that you killedthis year? Often times we don’t get that 60” bull we dream about but we getthat fork that fills the freezer. You’reproud of that moose at the time but what happens to its antlers and its hide? Does it get hung in a tree in your back yardand forgotten about or trashed? I know in Wisconsin, where I am from, they hadprograms where people would take deer hides, tan them and make gloves for theless fortunate. I don’t know if there is anything like that in the state ofAlaska. It was a group of people that donated their time. Would I ever thinkevery moose that is killed in Alaska would be stripped of its hide and takenhome? No I would not. I know how much workthat is and it would suck. You couldstill take a small part of it to turn in though. I am guilty of this myself so don’ttake this as me trying to put myself on some pedestal. A friend of mine shot a fork moose this yearand asked if I could do anything with the antlers. I told him yes. After all I had shoulder surgery 30 days agoand it killed my moose seasion so I had a lot of time to kill. I made a lightfor him and it ran me about $20.00 and an hour of my time. Not bad seeing how the lamps like these sell for $150+online and the antlers are not even real, and definately not made of your personal trophy. I also did some caribou antlersfor him. They might not be mount worthy but they do look good on the wall or an end table and give you endless opportunities to tell your friends all about that hunt. What do you dowith your “non-mountable” trophies? I am just trying to get everyone thinking about the opportunities that are missed and maybe someone else will come up with another great idea on how to use your "leftovers."


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    That's funny you bring this up. I was just asking a buddy of mine what I should do with the hides of the deer I get this week. His answer was "throw them away, they are junk". He is a life long hunter, and he always talks about keeping everything he can, but this surprised me. I am going to do my best to prove him wrong...

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    We diassaemble the catch and strip its flesh into managable peices

    Eat the guts, chew the bones and lick the gravey

    We sleep in bedding ,made of skins stripped from the still warm carcass....

    then we dress ourselfs with dead skins.....

    And we sell them too, for the things only money can buy....its often called "Artwork"

    Heres a beach with a couple hundred heads and about 75 skins strewn down it. The litter of the Hunter. Folks butcher down what they can, others take the whole animal, depends on needs, the day and the way. This rocky place is a popular Butchering spot, to avoid the sands contaminating meats...........We have our skins streched and drying beyond an old pile, though all leave behind the heads after pulling off the skins, unless they want a memeorie or to make a handy craft, and some folks are sawing antlers off just for that..... 'cause caribou antlers often have cool, unusual shapes.

    What we dont eat immediatly we dry, trade or give away fresh

    We are Happy, and looking forward to the next Hunt
    If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.

    "Dam it all", The Beaver told me.....


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