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    well thought i'd start this for the lucky few. went down for the opener to help a friend with his bull tag, report is no bison seen. saw lot's of trucks,moose & grouse. there is a herd of about 80 that is hanging out on the bison fields, but they don't hang out long after the sun comes up & stay in the trees for the remainder of the day. a large herd of 100+ is north of the hwy next to the gerstal river on fields that are off limits to hunting. good luck to the next batch going down this weekend.

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    If you can find the owner, most of the time they will let you hunt those fields. It's just a matter of bringing the right kind of whiskey and having a humble attitude about it.

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    As of yesteday, 3 were taken off the bison ranges and 4 or 5 taken off of private land. I got mine on the Shultzs' property and seen many many bison over the 4 days that hunted.


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