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Thread: Upper Kenai - No fish but did run into a Blizzard!

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    Default Upper Kenai - No fish but did run into a Blizzard!

    No fish but it was my first time ever so it was likely operator error. Did run into a blizzard...say hello to winter!

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    Sorry to here you didn't get any fish,we fished the lower river Saturday and it was slow!I came through that blizzard last night man that was something!!!The flakes were as big as golf balls and comeing down hard and the pitch black didn't help either.Sure was a slow 15mph drive all the way from the turn off out to Ingram creek!

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    I fished the upper Kenai yesterday with pretty good results. A 6mm pink bead was the ticket. I believe the color is shrimp or salmon. I also caught a couple with mottled dark roe w/ blood dot, but the pink one was hot. The water was a little murky, but it didn't seem to affect the fishing. A lot of the reds have died off; however, there were still a few in the side sloughs which is where I had most of my success.


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