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    Got a friend of mine on this forum that lost a Pair of Burris Bino's in the Sutton area a few weeks ago while helping his Mom successfully harvest her very first Alaska Moose (cow). Unfortunately he lost his binos on this adventure. There have been some successful lost and found stories on this forum, so if you have found such a pair, let me know and I will relay on to him. Thanks in Advance


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    Thanks, Mark! I didn't even think of posting it on here. Yes I did loose my Burris Binos on the Sutton trip, unfortunatly I think I lost them smack dab in the middle of some willows. I did try and retrace my steps, but after two large willow patches and one alder patch and some tall grass I ended up with nothing. I geuss the positive side is my mom got her first cow moose, she has lived here the last 28 years and finally decided to put in for permits, and bam she got drawn for one, "Beginers Luck I Know" . And after me, my dad, and my good buddy butchered the moose and put it in the 6X6 and we were on our way home she says,"Wow, that was easy". So on top of loosing my binos we also didn't take any pics of the moose, every one forgot their cameras. Yea we still haven't lived that down yet either.



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