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    Default Otter ATV trailer

    Have any of you used an Otter ATV trailer (sold at Sportsman's)??? Was wondering whether they pass the Alaska test...

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    Thumbs up Used a small one last year

    I haven't used the one that Sportsmans in Fairbanks is selling (Xpress ST), but last year my buddies and I used one of the smaller otter trailers (listed as the "wilderness bull" on their website) for bear baiting with absolutely no problems. I plan to buy my own this year. The size was perfect for getting in and out of tight spots and it also converted to a sled to pull behind a snow machine in the winter. Best thing is it lists for about $180 less than the bigger trailers ($299 on the website)


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    Default Otter trailers

    I have used the medium otter trailer for four years now behind the ATV. Excellent trailer, to say the least. Great around the yard as well for moving dirt, rocks, firewood, etc...
    And, as the above post mentioned, pull it off the wheel frame ( 2 min job and a couple bolts) and tow it behind your sled in the winter. Been towing mine all winter to the cabin and it's great. I think I gave about $650- for the complete set-up at the fair about 4 years ago. The travel cover is worth purchasing too, it keeps everything dry and clean, both in winter and summer.

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    Default Otter ATV Trailer

    Thanks for the input.


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