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    I've been hunting with a bow for 35 years but this is only my 4th year hunting moose. I've called in about a dozen bulls and I believe 6 of those were over 50". This year I had a monster 60+ come in on the first day of the hunt after one series of calls. I've figured out how to get them to come but every one of the big boys hang up at 60 yards. I can keep them interested for while. I can get them to turn back a few times but I just can't get them to commit and come into stickbow range. What's the secret? Call softer? Get louder? Put lipstick and a nighty on Bessie the decoy?

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    If you have a hunting partner, one tactic to try is one guy cow call and the other guy rake brush and do bull grunts. Put a little distance between you and your partner (30-60 yards or so depending on the set-up). Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

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    Yeah hunting partner, have a shooter and caller and set up depending on situation/wind caller would be in the back shooter foward where you think a bull would come,

    I called my butt off all season and have 1 bull grunt back, a cow moose come to call, and something walking to my front, obviously your doing the calling right and in the right area.

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    I have had them hang up or sneak down wind of me also. One thing that has worked for me. Once I have a bull committed, grunting, thrashing brush and coming in, I will turn and walk away from the bull and call in the opposite direction, maybe 50 yards or so. I am trying to sound like the cow has and is moving away from him. Timing is critical because that is the last calls I will make. Then I turn back toward the moose and sneak as close as possible to him, he should still be thrashing brush so you can keep an ear on where he is at. I try and cut him off on his way to the spot where I last called from. Moose seem to have a pretty strong aroma and my thought is that when a bull gets with in 60 yards of the "hot cow" he should be able to smell her and he should be able to hear or see her. Of course this will not work in every situation and terrain will vary but the idea is to catch him before he gets to where he thinks he should see the "hot cow".


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