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Thread: 30 Sep/ 1 Oct Palmer report Cottonwood/Jims lake/Birchwood

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    Default 30 Sep/ 1 Oct Palmer report Cottonwood/Jims lake/Birchwood

    Went out last night at Cottonwood to scout was up at the lookout for an hour and 45 min. Saw11 birds only 2 on the water and 3 separate groups of 3 in air no flocks, zero Cranes and Geese. One shot from the Marsh just terrible. Today at Jims Lake partner did not shoot his gun no flocks saw some doubles very little shooting. Birchwood side on the evening of the 30th 6 pm till close ZERO ducks seen just unreal. Only positive news is at Fairbanks, lots of Mallards with bright green heads starting to stage this came in lastnight.

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    Thanks for the update. You never see "reports" on these pages anymore, kinda refreshing. I've been out to the hayflats the last 3 weekends (mornings) with my buddy and it's been slow. We walk in and come across singles and doubles every 45 min or so but last week we started seeing flocks of about 6-12 bunching up. I'm hoping this is a good sign for those of us who walk in places, good luck to all!


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