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Thread: Chaning our Alaska Trip from July to late August

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    Default Chaning our Alaska Trip from July to late August

    Hello All, has been a while, last year we did a two week hike into the Winds of Wyoming, this year was a 3,727 mile motorcycle ride out west to Sturgis and Yellowstone, however next year we are planning another trip to Alaska, however we are looking to change our timeframe.

    In the past we have always done the last part of July, next year we are looking at around August 25th, through September 9th and this time we would be bringing our wives…….yes I know crazy, but for some reason after a couple trips to Alaska, next thing you know my wife wants to see it.

    While July has always been good to us, there is a wedding that is getting in the way and we were also wanting to work some Silvers into this trip, with hopes of not missing the Sockeye and Pinks.

    Was thinking we would start of at Hope, it’s a great place to tourist and we would have access to Resurrection Creek, my only concern is would the Pinks still be running that late in August.

    Next we would head for 6 Mile Creek for some Whitewater Rafting, then head towards Soldotna and Sterling for some touristing.

    While in that area we would look to rent rafts and do a one day drift. We have done the Skilak Lake to Bings Laning, but was hoping to find a stretch a little less populated. Would there still be some sockeye to fish for and is there a stretch of the Kenai above Skilak lake we could do that might be a bit more scenic. Was also thinking we might look at the Moose or Funny Rivers.

    No trip is complete without flying into the Upper Russian and spending a couple days hiking out. Chances are good of seeing a Grizzly and I would think there would still be a few Rainbow to chase.

    After that back to Anchorage, tourist a day or so, then head up to the Forks Roadhouse, no trip is complete without a Pitcher of Moose Drool, and Rainbow and Grayling on Peters Creek, maybe a Denali tour.

    Would be be too early for Silver……..any thoughts………..

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    Your timing is perfect for a float trip in SW Alaska. Float 40-80 miles on a remote river, camp and fish your way down, fish till your arms are sore for silvers, bows, and dollies. Hot liquor drinks on the gravel bars while you watch brown bears swimming while alder smoke rolls. You won't find any cheap ulus or chocolate covered jellies, but what you do see will never be forgotten.


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    2Paws Your timing is great for Silvers, Rainbows and Dollies. The Pinks will be done in Hope. Silvers will be in 6 Mile. The Russian will closed Aug 20th for Sockeye but should have plenty of bears eating Red Sockeyes. (Normal year) Silvers and Bows will be in the Kenai. Lots of fish options. The Parks highway north of Anchorage should have Silvers and Bows. Could float the upper Kenai. Have a great time!!

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    Parks Hwy silvers will have wound down quite a bit. There will still be some available higher in the streams, but about done at the mouths. Concentrate on salmon on the KP; that's prime time for Anchor/Deep Creek silvers, with a few steelies nosing in. When you get up to the Parks hit the rainbows hard. They are full of salmon eggs and just fat by that time of year. If you can find some chums still spawning, it will be money fishing around them.


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