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    Well, learned a valuable lesson on the Kenai River today...never tie your stringer of fish to the outside of your boat when seals are present! Seals apparently have no fear of boats and will swim up and steal your fish right in front of you...rookie mistake I guess. Nice day on the river though had plenty of hookups and landed a couple.

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    Niiiice.... **** seals...

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    Its a good habit to get out of anyway; bring a cooler along, or just lay the fish inside the boat in wet burlap bag. The bottom of the boat is cold from the water, anyway. Reason I say this, is the bacteria counts in the water are so high that any dead fish left in the river will decompose very quickly. You will get much better meat quality by bleeding and removing fish from water as quick as possible. Gut and keep cool, you'll have better meat and the seals can eat the guts!


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