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Thread: Vessel Based Black Bear

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    Default Vessel Based Black Bear

    Our group had to cancel the annual Javelina hunt this winter. This leaves me with extra vacation time and funds which I could use for another hunt. One of the group, who has never been to Alaska, wants to come up this spring and hunt black bear. I'm leaning towards a vessel based hunt. I've been doing some research I see there are quite a few outfits offering that type of hunt but I don't have any experience. Anybody out there have any suggestions or experiences they would care to share.

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    Did a boat based black bear hunt with Alaska Good Time Charters out of Whittier in May 2009. It was a fantastic trip in some of the prettiest country you could ever see.

    In our 6 days we saw nearly 40 bears and five out of our group of six got a shot.

    I would absolutely recommend a similar trip. I believe it is best to get a group large enough to fill the boat so that you have it to yourself. In most cases this means either 4 or 6 folks depending on the size of the boat.

    Secondly, we went over Memorial Day weekend as it was the only opening left when we booked. If you can help it, avoid going over the holiday as boat traffic in the sound, and Alaska in general, increases notably over that weekend.
    Since then, we have also hunted POW for black bears and though it was about half the price, the experience did not compare to the boat based trip.

    Hope this helps, if you have any additional questions i would be happy to help.

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    call Travis Larsen at Alaska premier sportfishing.
    good guy, great boat.
    Alaska Board of Game 2015 tour... "Kicking the can down the road"


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