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Thread: Fuglvog Activity and lack of NOAA enforcement/investigation

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    Default Fuglvog Activity and lack of NOAA enforcement/investigation

    This may have already been posted so sorry if its an old story. It appears to me that the Feds should be looking hard at cleaning house within the NOAA enforcement branch for not taking the crew member serious. Although he was caught up in the activity he should be commended for his efforts to expose Fuglvog for what he really is...a crook the thief and I'm sure he's not the only one out their doing the same. A thorough investigation of all those sitting on the council should conducted as well.

    Great reporting and hopefully it stays in the spotlight. To bad this story didn't break before Murkowski's bid for election.

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    It takes a very long time to build a case like this, and be able to prove things in a court of law.

    I happen to really like the NOAA LE branch, and think they do a hell of a job considering how few of them their are and how many pending cases they have. It would be impossible for them to investigate, build a case, and prosecute every report of foul play they get. They get a few of them tho. We wish they could get them all, but that's not reality.

    I have a feeling that as time progresses, more details from the Fuglvog case will emerge. Including that was left out in the deal he got.

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    Did I hear that Fuglvog is an advisor for the Halibut Coalition? Or was it the north counsel?

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    Do you just throw odd stuff at the wall to see if sticks at home too?

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