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Thread: Salmon Eggs NEEDED!!!!!!

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    Default Salmon Eggs NEEDED!!!!!!

    Hi everyone. I had a 50 pound box of cured frozen eggs and a 50 pound box of sockeye fillets in the back of my rig to ship off to a buddy for his steelhead season. Went to breakfast before going to the postal center and some jack off stole both the eggs and the other fish box with salmon fillets in it. Talk about lowlifes!!! I am headed down to sturgeon and steelhead with him in 2 weeks and need to find 50 pounds eggs to replace the loss. Anyone know where I can buy some. He makes his living off the eggs and I saved my eggs all season long to help him out as he is in a tight spot money wise. I am willing to buy fresh or cured but dont want to pay retail as its a favor for a buddy. Please help. Please email me at as I dont get much access at work to the forums. Thanks in advance for advice or eggs for sale.
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    Not sure when you are heading but Herman said to call Summer at the Alaska Bait Company.


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