Here is information I copied from a poster / pdf from ADF&G Small Game Program. Good stuff we can do!

Are you interested in assisting Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) biologists collect valuable age and sex data from this years grouse and ptarmigan harvest?
Remove the following from each bird:
  1. ONE, whole, clean, intact wing,
  1. FIVE – SIX tail feathers from the center of the tail (including rump feathers).
Enclose each wing / tail feathers in an envelope with date of harvest and approximate location.

Either drop off at your nearest ADF&G office or mail directly to:
ADF&G ATTN: Rick Merizon Call:
1800 Glenn Hwy, Ste. 2 OR 907.746.6333
Palmer, AK. 99645
Enclose your contact information if you’re interested in getting a copy of the final report

Your assistance is greatly appreciated and will benefit the research and management of southcentral Alaska’s wonderful wingshooting resource.