NMFS asks for delay on CSP

Blog posting by Andrew Jensen for the Alaska Journal of Commerce


Sep 28, 2011 - 12:43 PM
Big news out of Dutch Harbor this morning as National Marine Fisheries Service is asking for more time to consider the public comments submitted on the controversial halibut catch sharing plan. The audio wasn't available, but the reports are already coming out from those in the room. Read the one-page handout from NMFS provided to the council here.

NMFS is asking for the council to add an agenda item for the December meeting or hold a special meeting to advise the International Pacific Halibut Commission on how the charter sector will be managed in 2012 absent implementation of the halibut CSP.

NMFS told the council that it was best equipped to provide guidance on techincal issues such as accounting for fish leased by the charter sector from commercial quota shareholders, management measures at low levels of abundance and a need for economic analysis.

It's a big win for the charter sector and a huge disappointment for the commercial sector.

Note: SEAGO Executive Director, Heath Hilyard, has been told by key contacts at the NPFMC meeting in Dutch Harbor that this announcement is a strong indication that CSP will not be implemented for the 2012 season.