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    Anyone else set up to use non-tox for ducks in muzzleloaders?

    I'm getting ready for the opener with ITX #4's in a 12 ga SxS, and test shooting has me downright impressed. Bare in bore with a lubed fiber basewad and overshot card, 1 1/4 oz on top of 80 grains of 2f Goex is giving real smooth, clean killing patterns at 30 yards and maybe a little further. That's plenty close for decoys, and the pattern is lots larger than a steel pattern from a modern gun, making it lots easier to hit fast fliers up close.

    Anyone playing with bismuth these days, or even steel? At those ranges steel velocity should be decent to kill and #3's sure pattern well using Ballistic Products steel wads with the same lubed fiber wad under them for a bore seal. I've been plenty happy with #3's in modern guns, but they're launched faster. BTW- Between the hard steel and those plastic wads, I'm getting what would qualify as a MOD pattern from the cylinder bores.

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    Brown Bear i have been playing with a little non tox out of my pederson 12 sxs .Very disapointed in steel results .I used a ballistics research wad with 1 1/8& 1 1/4 oz #2or #4 br steel with 3f pyrodex with a cardboard overshot wad and a musket cap .I shot 2 to 3 dozen ducks before i killed one.I shoot over decoys inside 30 yds for most of my shooting .You could see it hitting them but without the energy required for a kill .I got some wonderfull paterns by the way.I relate this to a lack of speed .I used hevi shot in the same loading and killed ducks with a better consintency.There is very little data out there for ML non tox .Good luck with the itx .I would be very currious on your results please keep us informed thanks

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    Thanks! I'll keep you posted on the ITX.


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