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Thread: Looking for some one with a boat...

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    Default Looking for some one with a boat...

    well we are getting closer to freeze up everyday, this is my first year hear. I got here in march with my wife. I have done very well so far this season. This has been the best year so far for me duck hunting. I have been hunting ducks since i was 18 and now 25. I am from KS originaly I joined the military and spent the last 2 years in arkansas. I grew up working on the family farm and have killed my fair share of critters. I am an honest and straight forward individual.

    I know this is a risky question but i am forced to ask it due to lack of contacts here and a love for duck hunting. I am looking for someone with a boat to hunt with after the stuff i have been walking into hunt freezes. Now this being said you won't have to worry about me hijacking or giving away your spots. I do not have the finances available to purchase a boat yet and no of no one here with one.

    I do have all my own equiptment including roughly 5-6 dozen GHG prograde ducks, 2 highdon pulsators and at the risk of being tarred and feathered i'll admit i own a couple mojo's as well.

    If any of you are willing to take a shot in the dark with the new guy i'd be more than willing to help out all i can. If anyone is game or would like to arrange a meat an great please Pm me, im more than willing give you more info on me and my hunting experiance.

    Thank you for your time and i look forward to hopefully hearing from and meeting some of you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by click View Post
    I am looking for someone with a boat to hunt with after the stuff i have been walking into hunt freezes..
    The time you need the boat is before it freezes, not after. When you arrived in March, the water was pretty hard, you could drive on it. At Big Lake they make the lake into a parking lot for snowmobilers to unload their sleds and park on all day or longer for those who are going to their cabins etc.

    It will freeze, some years in early Oct, some years in late Oct, maybe even in a few areas into Nov. Jim Lake area will be among the first to go solid. The saltwater access will be among the last places, but before the salt freezes the lakes and ponds on the hayflats will freeze. When the lakes and ponds freeze the ducks and geese will be sent flying to their winter vacation destination. Maybe 5% of the ducks are true Alaskans and do not go south for the winter but will stay around here all winter. There are a few places where water flow keeps a little bit of open water. I know one little creek that goes though a covert that the water sworles around and stays open and you can sometimes drive right up to it and count 50 mallards. But it is right on the road and illegal to shoot from or across the road. Some people will walk the shores of creeks, etc jump shooting. Most of us give it up for the season and start planning for next year, or can go south and hunt down there. Last year some guys posted pics of the Homer area and open water and ducks well after freeze up occured here, maybe you can search and find that on here. Good luck,

    PS, my boat will run and slide across the ice, but still difficult to find open water, some do chop their own holes in the ice and put deks in. Bud


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