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    Wednesday, Sept 21, 2011

    WARNING: Amoose gets killed in this video “Gramma caught a moose” I hope to send you.
    A lot of the natives use the phrase caught a mooserather than shot or killed a moose. Theyalso don’t usually say they are going hunting; they might say they are goingfor a boat ride or go camping. It isconsidered disrespectful to say you have intentions of actually hunting game.
    Gloria has been “jonesing” to shoot a moose for acouple years now. She has been packingmy 300 Weatherby for at least the past two seasons. She has shot it numerous times at targets andshe does, and always has, shot well. Ihave a 45-70 lever gun I pack. On thishunt only Gloria aka Gramma and Evan were armed. Jon was armed with his video camera and Iwith knives and binoculars.
    I’ll try to give you a blow by blow narrative of thevideoed hunt as there is a lot of whispering and clicking and some grass andblue sky as Jon is trying to help Gloria with her rifle.
    The hunt takes place at a grass lake (dry lake) about3 or 4 miles by boat across the Yukon River and then up Jack slough. Gloria, son Jon and grandson Evan are in a smallpatch of alder brush around 80 yards from the edge of the clearing to the drylake. I am just at the edge of theclearing with binoculars. I didn’t seethe moose as he came out of the willows ready to fight until Jon motioned hornswith his hands making a horns gesture. Iwas then able to pick him up in the binoculars.
    You will hear some clicking at the beginning of thevideo. This is when Gloria tries tochamber a round and doesn’t close the bolt completely and then tries to putanother round on top of the one that is partially chambered. She doesn’t have much experience with biggerbore rifles and the forces necessary to operate the bolt. The result was a partial jammed gun. Jon helps Gloria clear the jam (more clicking)while Evan gives his rifle to Gloria and then after Jon gets the jam cleared,they switch back to their own guns.
    Okay here goes the narrative:
    Clicking….jammed rifle
    Jon says “now grab ????”..........
    Jon says “he’s coming Mom”……….more clicking.
    Jon says “Evan give Gramma your gun”.
    Gloria whispers to Evan “Is yours ready? Is itcocked?”
    Evan whispers to Gloria “Yours is ready now Gramma”.
    Jon says “Mom, we are going to bring him in closer”. Jon had beenraking brush and doing a few grunts and this guy was looking for a fight.
    Jon says “Waituntil he gets on the other side of these trees Mom”
    You will see themoose beating up the brush.
    Jon is raking thebrush.
    Moose is beating upthe brush.
    Jon “he’scoming…….let him keep coming…..Let him come closer…” Jon gives another grunt.
    The moose issmacking his gums [a rutting behavior] and flashing his antlers.
    Jon says………”OK Momright in the shoulder”
    You hear Gloriashoot and very quickly Evan shoots. Gloriahit him in the shoulder and Evan in the front legs. Then Gloria lets out a big sigh.
    Jon “Good shot youguys………Way to back her up Evan”.
    Jon says “Getready…..guns on safe….”Gloria says “not on safe”…Jon says “keep it up in theair…..walk toward it Evan” I (Buck) say“He’s not dead”
    Gloria says “is hegetting up?”
    Jon says to Evan“keep working your way over there”
    Evan says “I don’tknow where he is”
    I say “Evan he isright behind the tallest tree” (Evan had a big bush directly in line with themoose)
    Bossy me says“Everyone be quiet he will stiffen up” Idon’t want Evan to get to close too quickly unless he can see him well enough foranother shot.
    I say “move realeasy……… both hit him…..I could hear the ker-plock, ker-plock.
    Evan says “do youwant me to shoot him again?”
    I ask Evan “can yousee to shoot him Evan?” He says “yup” Isay…”shoot him in the head or neck and then say just a minute and I’ll comegive you a rest” Evan says “No I got itGrampa, I got it and shoots”
    Jon says “gameover”
    This was a VERYcool family experience. Jon tookpictures and then we started butchering. The moose was shot around 7:20 PM. We had him skinned and cut into nine pieces and in game bags by8:30. A older native fellow and hisgrandson came about the time we were skinning and gave us a hand. He is a very nice guy we know fromchurch. Jon gave him the brisket, heartand kidneys. He even wanted to takepictures of Gloria with the moose and her sawing off one of the antlers (whichyou have to do on a subsistence hunt).
    Jon, Evan and Gloria went back yesterday afternoonand packed and drug (with a moose drag I made) the pieces to the boat and thenhome. It was 312 steps (Gloria steps) tothe boat.I have a cold and felt crummy so I didn’t go on the pack.
    Since Evan shot amoose ten days ago, Jon gave this moose away to a fellow teacher who hurt hisback and couldn’t hunt; part of it to the teacher’s native neighbors and afront quarter to Jon’s neighbor.

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    Way cool, would love to have seen Gramma in the video though!

    My wife and mother in law have always asked me if we caught game as well. It's something she picked up while working in Kotzebue for several years. Thanks for explaining the background on it.

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    That was cool! Way to go Gramma.

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    Very nice! Post the pics please

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    Nice Shootin...congrats to gramma.

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    Very cool! Congrats

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    I apologize for a couple things. First the naritave was done on word before son Jon, edited it. Next when I copy and pasted it to this forum it ran together somewhat...........There is a video on U Tube with a link at the bottom of post #1. "Gramma" looks and acts at least 10 years younger than her almost 69 years and I got to sleep with her last night. Grampa Buck

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    She caught that moose good and them let you catch her. My grandma is just restarting her life catching meat also. Great story and hope its told around a fire at night with lots of kids with ears perked.
    Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you

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    Catching a moose is much better than getting run over by a reindeer! LOL Way to go Grandma!


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