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Thread: Found Man's Wedding Ring!!!

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    Default Found Man's Wedding Ring!!!

    I did post this in a couple forums, just want to get this back to whoever lost it.
    I was snow shoeing out at Chena Lake and found a man's wedding band on the ice. I'm sure who ever lost it is in hot water with the wife. The ring in engraved so who ever lost it can ID it with me. Please spread the word. I put an ad in the Fairbanks paper as well. Would be glad to return it, as I'm sure it has special meaning. Still hard to believe that we saw it in the snow in the middle of the lake.


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    Good on ya. I lost my once and had it returned it is not the cost.

    This is proof that living good has it rewards, my God bless you with many bigger kills and tons of fish.

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    Maybe he lost it on

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    Default Ring

    Quote Originally Posted by TILT View Post
    Maybe he lost it on
    Was there a lot of gray dust around? Maybe it came out of an urn.


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