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    My big emergency home genny has been sitting for a couple years..How long is too long for sitting?

    Worried about the seals and gaskets. Have stabil in it. Is it better to run it every year or is it ok to let it sit for 3 to 4 years?

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    I had a generator with less than 5 hours burned a ton of oil because the rings stuck to the piston. It sat for 5 years and I couldn't figure out why it would quit after running for an hour. When it got low on oil the murphy switch would not let it run. I would run it at least once a year.

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    In a perfect world, it's always a good thing to "exercise" standby units on a monthly basis. But, as we all know, it never happens, so I would at least run it every six months for 1/2 hour or so with a 75% load. I don't now how big it is, but a good inductive load such as a couple of hair dryers or a electric heater or two should do the trick. I ran mine today and topped off the gas tank with some fresh fuel treated with stabile. I want to make sure it starts when I need it.

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    You should run it several times a year , Let it run long enough that it gets everything hot and that will take care of any condensation that is hanging around. By running it a couple of times a year you will eliminate the type of problems like jkb had.


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