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Thread: meindl perfekt boots

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    Default meindl perfekt boots

    has anyone bought, or used any of the meindl perfekt hunters? i just bought a pair and would greatly appreciate any replies.

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    No kidding. Went to Cabelas in Hamburg, Pa and they were highly recommended by one of the salesman who was actually wearing them. I have tryed to get used to them, wear them alot to try to break them in but still think them as being heavy and just not comfortable. I just don't like them.

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    my expierience with miendl is if they don't fit well out of the box, take em' back and find a size that fits perfekt. they make top of the line boots, but they just don't break in like a danner or similar.

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    I have a pair of Perfekt Hunters that are stiff, but the fit is good and the ankle support is great. I will wear them if I draw on a sheep tag this fall. I wear the Perfekt Hikers to elk hunt approximately 30 days a year in Idaho, and also wear them to chase bears with hounds in the spring. Both sports will rack up the miles in a day, and these boots have never let me down. Take a LONG time to break them in.


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