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    So here is the deal. I just redeployed a few days ago from Afghanistan, and I would like to do a hunt. I'm not particularly concerned where, just so I don't have to spend an arm and leg to get there. I live in Fairbanks. We have a four wheeler, but I am not agaist flying in, if I could make the arrangements in time. I am really just looking for a hunt that both my wife and I can go on, with a fairly good chance of coming home with some meat for the freezer. We would be doing the hunt around the 5th of Oct. Any advice would be great.


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    Are you a certified bowhunter by any chance? If so, you could hunt off the Dalton Highway (Haul Road) for caribou. You could still do that hunt with a rifle, but it would require a 5-mile one-way hike to be legal and ATVs are not allowed up there. Additionally, it would primarily by a cow caribou hunt, as the bulls will be in the rut and mostly inedible.

    If not, you might be able to target caribou closer to home off the Steese Highway in early December. For the Oct. 5th timeframe, though, I can't think of much else for you....but I'm not in the area, so hopefully some Fairbanks folks can chime in with other ideas. In the meantime, welcome home...and thank you for what you did overseas.

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    There may be a 20A cow moose registrationhunt announced after Oct. 1.

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    Welcome home!

    C&S charters for some cranes. Also, I spoke briefly with the fellow at the PX sporting goods counter and he's got some good intel on ducks up that way (we're stationed at JBER); if waterfowl is an option that is.


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