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    Hi everyone. Im an Air Force member moving up here in about 6 months to Eielson AFB near Fairbanks, after my Korea deployment, from Arizona. It would be a great help to me if anyone has any advice or notes about the move or what to bring/get before i move up. I should be here around April. I do like hunting/fishing so anything that has to do with that would be nice info also. Should I upgrade from my .30-06? Where are good places to hunt/fish? Any kind of info about the drive would be helpful as well. Thanks to everyone.

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    Thank you for your Service..
    If you'll search this forum you'll probably find answers to most of your concerns/questions. If your serious about driving up the Alcan get a recent copy of the MILEPOST.. that'll tell you everything you need to know, but didn't know who to ask...!!!
    keep the 30-06 but if your hell bent on "upgrading" and getting rid of it, you could just give it to this poor old sailor...

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    Good advice. Keep the 30.06, as a frequent contributor states, "If you can't kill it with q 30.06, run." Fairbanks is hot in the summer (80's) and cold in the winter (lots of sub zero down to -30 and lower). You will need to take that into consideration. Hunting is generally better fishing worse that down here in Anchorage. The base is actually south of Fairbanks in North Pole but its not that much of a diference. You'll have to get in with people in your squadron if you expect anyone to give good places to hunt. Consider getting into bow hunting, the Haul Rd is close but its archery only within 5 miles and you would need a bow certification. April will still be cold especially compared to AZ.
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