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Thread: Polaris CVJoint Clamp

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    Default Polaris CVJoint Clamp

    My 2001 6X6 Sportsman front outside CV Boot came loose can you replace clamp without front end dissasembly?

    2nd try and cant get it tight enough. any hints?

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    If your clamp came loose I would worry water and derby entered the CV. Personally, I would disassemble, clean and regrease the cv if any signs pointed towards contamination. Order the gorilla band tool and extra bands. It will take a few bands to get it right so extras are important. The gorilla band tool allows you to tighten the band to proper tension. My 700 KQ had boot problems until I replaced the bands with the gorilla tool. It's worth the money and flat out works.

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    Looks like I get to learn this too. Disintegrated a front CV joint on the ranger.

    Sadly the one CV joint will cost me a $1000 or so upgrading both fronts to Gorilla axle / CVs.

    Will be sure and order extra boots and bands.

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    you can use a hose clamp in a pinch

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    I'm a pro with the gorilla tool and bands if anyone needs a hand.
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