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Thread: 2011 Big Boss 6x6 fixed, I hope!

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    Default 2011 Big Boss 6x6 fixed, I hope!

    Picked up the Big Boss today from the Polaris shop. Took it in because it was shifting hard when running. They told me they had it apart and could not see any thing wrong but knew it was shifting hard. After quite awhile they said they put it back together and drove it and all of a sudden it started shifting easy. I drove it in their yard and a bit when I got home. It seems ok now and shifts easy. They said it could have been a new belt issue and just needed some miles on it. Said to bring it back if it does it again. Only has 11 hours on it. Go figure.

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    That's an awesome ride. I have a friend with a 2010 model. I don't know if they fixed it in the 2011 model, but on the 2010 model the bolt holding the A-arm (middle tire) tends to shear if you hit something too hard. It happened to us in the middle of BFE, but fortunately, he knew about the problem and had a spare bolt.

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    I have 2 bolts on order and I will be searching for a tougher bolt. I will also try torquing them down more.

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    The cables and joints in the shift mechanism are a bit stiff when new, after a few hundred miles the parts wear in. Have everything adjusted when it smoothes out to ensure solid engagement.

    My Ranger was the same way.
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